Blabbering Blogger

I have really enjoyed blogging. At first, I was really concerned that maintaining a blog was going to be time consuming, ridiculous, and that I was inevitably going to run out of semi interesting things to say. In my first blog I mentioned I felt like a fictitious MTV character rambling about her boring life. So, when Professor Andrews assigned us weekly topics I was reveled that I wasn’t going to have to come up with decent topics that my poor peers were going to have to endure in order to get a grade.

Then I met my roommates.

This blog has not only become a forum for my class discussion, but also a place where I am able to rant about various events and/or people in my life.

I am able to research and explore different aspects of my future career while also being creative and allowing for others to comment and share their beliefs and ideas.I like that I am able to get feedback.  And, sometimes it feels good to just write thoughts; not worry what others are going to think.

I also feel that writing regularly creates better writers and authors; a PR professional always writes.

I think that I will continue using my blog after this class. Blogging is an online journal or a really great best friend. I am able to blabber on and on about nothing of importance and entertain my followers with my over-dramatic stories. And, to be honest, I am almost positive my daddy is the only person who enjoys reading!


5 responses to “Blabbering Blogger

  1. Lately I’ve been creeping on my fellow classmate’s blogs 🙂 and I really enjoyed reading your site. You turned your blogs from being more than just a class assignment and had fun. I’m glad to hear that you will continue blogging and I hope that other peers will do so as well because as you stated it goes past the class discussions and is a great way to express your thoughts and to improve your writing skills.

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  3. I completely agree with your blog post about continuing to write and practicing writing does make a person a better writer. I have found even with my school work that if I don’t challenge myself, my brain, and my writing skills on a day-to-day basis, I will lose some ground. It reminds me of playing tennis and practicing tennis. If I go a week or two without playing then it will take a little while to get my skills back. I will continue to write after this class. I’m not sure if I will “blog” because I don’t like everyone knowing about my personal life, but I think you’ve done a great job on your blog. I really enjoy reading yours from time to time.

  4. Even if you think only your dad is enjoying your blog entries, what matters is you are enjoying this form of media. I have to say I read your other entries that are not class assignment blogs, and so far I have enjoyed them also. So I do hope you join the blogging community and keep on blogging. 🙂

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